Food Cravings

Why are some foods irresistible? The secret is that many of your favorite foods have positive memories connected to them. If you have a fond memory of sharing a food with a person you love, then your mind has created a connection between the food and the good feelings of that moment. There is a simple technique that can separate these good feelings from the food forever, so that food is just food. You will then find that you can have a little bit and feel satisfied without the need to over eat.

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Emotional Eating

Countless women use food as a source of comfort when going through difficult times. Food fills a gap when we we feel lonely, or provides a distraction when we feel uncomfortable. The good news is that when you learn to tune in to those uncomfortable feelings, you can face them and heal the underlying reason you have for over eating.

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Self Care

Discover why self care is so critical to achieving a healthy happy life. Learn what foods are best for your body and how to love them, how to exercise because you love it, how to enjoy food preparation, and how to re-write the internal script from self criticism to self love.

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Since 1993

Proven Techniques

Louise's coaching sessions employ therapy techniques that have been studied and clinically proven at Harvard Medical School and Yale School of Medicine. Louise's students learn how to effectively use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) and a more in depth therapy called Dynamic Echo Tapping to achieve fast and long lasting results.


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