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Food cravings and emotional eating are problems that countless women struggle with. In this diet mentality society it can be confusing and overwhelming to try and lose weight with so many mixed messages being presented. The good news is that it IS possible to lose weight without strict dieting and deprivation. When you work with Louise you will uncover the deep hidden reasons that have been holding you back from reaching your fitness goals. You will learn simple techniques to face these hidden challenges and achieve your ideal weight without feeling deprived.

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Louise's Story

After years of trying every diet, exercise, and nutrition plan under the sun, Louise finally met Brittany Watkins who taught her that the reason she couldn't stick to a diet was because her non conscious mind was holding her back. Louise was able to work with Brittany, the world's leading expert on emotional eating, in an exclusive training where she learned to conquer her own emotional eating issues and help other women do the same. Louise is now a Watkins Certified Coach who has helped clients from all over the world deal with their own subconscious weight loss blockers and negative body image issues. Louise uses her intuition, her knowledge of the non conscious mind, as well as her skills in energy healing, and emotional freedom techniques to guide her clients through powerful healing processes. Her clients have had success in facing issues from difficult food cravings to serious childhood traumas and sexual abuse. She gently guides clients through the challenges that block their ability to stick to a healthy lifestyle, opening the way for real change and lasting success.

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Have you tried diet after diet and been unable to stick to them long term? Have you felt like it must be impossible for you to lose weight? Have you found that you are sabotaging your ability to reach your ideal weight? There is a good reason for this and it's not because you are weak or lacking. Schedule an interview with Louise and she will help you determine if you have any of the common weight loss blockers.

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